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So, what are you waiting for? Why not join the many and growing number of
elite nursing professionals who have already made the decision to take control of
their career by making their own decision to work as much or as little as they
want while finding hours, location and an area that perfectly suits their own needs?
The staff at Source4Nurses sees every nurse and client as “individual” with their own unique needs.  We provide our nurses and clients with a professional yet personal approach to creating the perfect “match”. By marketing your skills and providing you access 24/7 to many and various opportunities, you will be able to contract for work around your personal, professional and school schedules daily, weekly or monthly. Of course, if you are looking for a more permanent schedule, instead of per diem, we have long-term sub contracts, as well as permanent placement. 

A Source4Nurses representative is available 24/7 to receive your call.

If you need a nurse, or you are a nurse and need to discuss your schedule, please call our office 24/7.

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Source4Nurses is run by a nurse who has over 34 years of experience in the industry! It is this experience and knowledge, combined with a commitment to caring, respect, communication and follow up/follow through, that gives Source4Nurses the edge over the competition.

You’ve found it…look no further! Source4Nurses, LLC is THE solution for today’s nursing professionals in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties seeking complete control over their work schedule and superior compensation.

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