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RN/LPN 2023 – ESY Summer Opportunities:
Upper, Middle, and Lower Bucks County

Source4Nurses is now seeking RN and LPN nurse contractors for the upcoming summer of 2023 for the ESY Program. The extended school year instructional days will run from July/2023-August/2023.
Please call our office with any questions. To be considered, we recommend all nurses submit their required documents, credentials, be interviewed, as well as “cleared” by HR on or before June 1, 2023. For more information, please call the Source4Nurses office at (267) -261-6609.

Approved contractor rate:               TBA

Days:                                                  Monday-Thursday 
Contract opportunities available:   Classroom, bus, 1:1, transportation, MDS, autistic/emotional & behavioral Support classrooms, health offices, float and head nurse positions.